The idea of my blog is not to complain or moan about daily events, but to share my frustration. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life. I love my friends, I go to a great school, I like my body, everything sounds fine, right?

Well sometimes in my life, events – big and small – take me by surprise and just annoy me. They can make me ridiculously upset or they can make me outraged with the universe.

I’ve got a big year ahead this year. I’ve got my A2 levels and i’ll hopefully be going off to Uni. As well as School I have the other big factors in my life: Family, friends, hobbies, road rage, general rage at the world, boys and relationships.

Sometimes you just need to share your frustration, but cannot always post on twitter or facebook as people will just complain about the length.

So I shall leave my little thoughts on this blog to make myself feel better and share my feelings on the little things in life.

Feel free to express your own opinions. It’s better out than in!



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