I hate it when…

I hate it when you see a status on Facebook from your ex and can just tell that he put it there for your benefit. Cheers. Because the time we spent together obviously meant nothing to you if you’re stooping to that level.

Sometimes I really hate men.


Wait… it’s my life, not yours.

So after everything that’s happened the past few days, it’s understandable that my mum wants to be here for me and support me. At first I thought it was lovely that she cared so much. She wanted to know everything that had happened and kept asking how things were and whether he’d spoken to me.

But, now it feels like we’ve got the same conversation on repeat; we discuss the issues about the guy I was seeing. However,  now I’m getting over it, she keeps bringing it up and talking about it and seems more concerned than I do. She told me I’ll find someone else. Great, exactly what I want to hear. But now she’s telling me what I can and can’t do, and who I can talk to.

I told her that I’d been talking to a friend I hadn’t spoken to in a while. I spoke to him for the first time in a long time last night. He has always just been my friend, and I’m not sure whether it will amount to anything else, but at the moment I don’t care because I want to be single for a while. He spoke to me again tonight because we both agreed that we cannot lose touch again.

However,  when I mentioned that he’d spoken again, she immediately jumped to conclusions that I was going to be something more with this guy. I tried telling her that he is JUST a friend. I go to an all girls school, so it is nice to talk to guys from time to time.

I do not talk to him differently. I do NOT flirt or hint about anything. I just talk. Like I would with my friends from school.

Why is it so hard for my mum to understand that I am only friends with this guy?

I’ve come to the conclusion that although I want to tell her a lot of things about my life, I obviously can’t talk about guy friends anymore, as she jumps to conclusions and lectures me.

Any advice is appreciated.

I thought Men were like elastic bands?

So, a few days ago I met up with a guy i’d been seeing for a while, and we went out shopping, watched a film and went for a meal. However, he seemed to be acting weird. I couldn’t point out anything definite, but he wasn’t how he usually was with me. I was racking my brain wondering what I had done wrong. He got annoyed finding the car park, when we watched the film he wanted to concentrate rather than do couple-y things like kiss or cuddle, and then when we went for the meal out it was like he couldn’t eat it any faster so he could take me home. On the way back he said he’d just go home and go to bed rather than come in.

At that point I confronted him. What was his problem? Apparently i’d been clingy, especially when I saw his parents last week and HE put HIS arm around ME. He then said that it had scared him when I said we should book somewhere for Valentines day, and when I told him that I would be going on holiday in June, but knew it was too soon for us to go on holiday together. He then asked me what kind of relationship I thought we were in, well after he’d shared all of those thoughts with me all I could say was, “A fun one?”. Instead he said we were in a serious relationship and that Ideally he wanted to be in the big serious one where we would get married etc. This completely confused me.

After I left he didn’t text me that evening, he didn’t text me on the Saturday or Sunday and briefly text me on the Monday. Of course then I started freaking out. Why had he acted that way?

Then I remembered a book I’d started reading a while ago: “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. There was a Chapter stating that Men were like rubber bands, sometimes when they were in a relationship they would freak out because of how intimate they were being with another person. It said that they needed their space and they needed to be independent for a while. It also said that Women were like waves, and that sometimes when a Man did this, it triggered a Woman’s wave to crash. She would start worrying about what she had done. Well this sounded familiar, so I gave him his space. I accepted that he would come springing back once he had had the space he needed.

Until, he decided to break up with me yesterday afternoon. He had spoken to his friends and they had agreed that he shouldn’t be in a relationship with me. Which bothers me because he spoke to his friends about his feelings before discussing a possible solution with me. Apparently, that Friday we had argued, but as far as I’m concerned that wasn’t an argument. He said he needed to be in a relationship where he was happy ALL THE TIME. But, I honestly don’t think that kind of relationship exists.

Something I wonder is, if he is so keen on being in a serious relationship, why is it that he doesn’t stay with anyone past the first few months? To me, it sounds like he doesn’t know what he wants. It sounds like he is more in love with the idea of love, than actually working at a relationship.

So of course I’ve cried, and i’ve eaten chocolate and Ben and Jerry’s. And i’ve thought about it, and what I could have done wrong. But, what annoys me the most is that no matter how much he spoke about his feelings, he didn’t actually explain why he broke up with me. So, now I have agreed not to punish myself, instead I am surrounding myself with my friends and i’m trying to get back to normal. Because, it is hard breaking up with someone, no matter how long it’s been. So sometimes i’ll just feel pure hatred towards him, but sometimes I feel so upset that I know that if he came back and asked for another chance, i’d give it to him. I’m confused and fed up. It’s hard to break up with someone and move on once you’ve been so intimate with someone. I feel disappointed, I feel used and I can’t believe how foolish I was to let him lead me on. Obviously, he isn’t the guy for me after all.

The only conclusion I have is that this rubber band doesn’t know that he can stretch and come back. He only thinks he can snap.

A “Brief” introduction

I was reading a friends blog today and found it very interesting. Her advice has helped me, and has influenced me to write my own blog. 

The idea of my blog is not to complain or moan about daily events, but to share my frustration. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life. I love my friends, I go to a great school, I like my body, everything sounds fine, right?

Well sometimes in my life, events – big and small – take me by surprise and just annoy me. They can make me ridiculously upset or they can make me outraged with the universe.

Sometimes you just need to share your frustration, but cannot always post on twitter or facebook as people will just complain about the length.

So I shall leave my little thoughts on this new blog to make myself feel better and share my feelings on the little things in life.